RJ Haddy

RJ Haddy

Rj’s early inspiration came from movies such as the classic Universal studios Monster films, Thriller, Star Wars, and any thing staring Vincent Price. Rj’s first foray into practical effects production came in the form of puppetry, influenced by more films like Gremlins, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Little Shop of Horrors.

Puppeteering satiated his need to build and create with his love of performance into one artistic discipline. Another film hit Rj at a young age illustrating how puppetry and make up crossed over into one end product. That film was Beetlejuice and Rj’s love of FX make up and the amazing talent of Tim Burton took over his world then and there.

After finding an aptitude for the performing arts in High School, Rj moved to LA, where he was able to work on pictures like There’s Something About Mary, Batman and Robin, Bedazzled, and Mortal Combat: Annihilation, by working with the talented FX shops Alterian Studios, and ADI. After leaving LA, Rj helmed and wrote the curriculum for the Department of Film, Television, and Multi Media Arts and sciences, at Capital High School in Charleston, WV.

After 8 years as a teacher of the arts, it was his students there that would push him to audition for and land a spot on what would become what Rj is best known for, Season 2 of Face OFF: the Makeup FX reality competition show. He went on to place as one of three finalists on that second season and also was the seasons audience vote “fan favorite” Although he didn’t win season two, he was invited back to participate in Face Off Season 5. And on Face Off Season 8 Rj was a Guest mentor. Now as an independent Makeup FX Supervisor Rj has worked on many independent films as department head such as the recently released “The Night Watchmen”.

Rj is working on directing his first feature length picture “The Family business, and if that wasn’t enough to keep someone busy, Rj is also opening and franchising his own brand of escape room family adventure facilities, Outta Time Excape Rooms. Rj has worked as a Teacher, a Producer, a Director, an Actor, an FX make up Designer, a Production Designer, Set Designer, Props maker, Costume designer and so much more. As a consummate artist and creator, if there is anything left to do that he hasn’t yet in the creative field…. it will only be a matter of time before he tackles that job, as well.

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